European Ground Squirrel – Карельский зоопарк

European Ground Squirrel

Class: Mammals
Order: Rodents
Family: Squirrel
Weight: 9 to 12 kg
Height: about 30 cm
Body length: 50-70 cm
Color: The fur color varies seasonally and with age. In adults during spring and autumn, the upper part of the body has a straw-rust color with dark brown or black shading from dark tips of the guard hairs, or a paler straw-sandy color almost without darkening at the ends of the guard hairs.
Age of sexual maturity: 3 years
Gestation period: 40 to 42 days
Lifespan: up to 15 years
Habitat: inhabits Central Europe, Russia, and Central Asia
Diet: primarily feeds on wild steppe grasses

Did you know?

  • European ground squirrels (байбаки) are very sociable and friendly.
  • Above ground, European ground squirrels maintain visual (standing postures) and auditory (calling, danger signals) communication. Their hearing is weaker than their vision.
  • These animals have prolonged and deep sleep. From their burrows, you can hear harmonious family snoring.
  • When the sun rises, these animals emit a distinctive welcoming whistle.