LEISURE ACTIVITIES – Карельский зоопарк



SAARI Restaurant

A modern designer panoramic restaurant with signature cuisine, located in the territory of the Black Stones recreation center in 100 meters from the Karelian Zoo.

The combination of gourmet cuisine, stylish interior and splendid view of the bay make SAARI one of the sought-after places for relax, special events and intimate evenings.

Tryn-Trava Cafe

Tryn-Trava Café is located in the territory of the zoo. We offer our guests a breakfast buffet with access to the food serving counter, a hearty lunch or dinner.

For groups from 10 to 45 people, you can order set lunches or dinners in advance by email: info@black-rocks.ru

At Leshy Café

A cafe where you can have a tasty snack while walking around the zoo. The menu offers Karelian pies called “kalitki” with a various fillings, and also buns, drinks and ice cream.

An artistic panel inspired by the legend of Leshy (tutelary deity of the forests in pagan Slavic mythology) makes the interior truly unique, and cute animals, fennec foxes, behind the glass entertain and at the same time keep an eye on the guests.


Trolley over the Zoo

A unique opportunity to see animals from a bird’s eye view.

It is fast and moderately extreme trolley for unforgettable emotions.

Come and see Karelian nature from above and get unforgettable emotions.

Price – 2,000 rubles/person for one descent.

50% discount for residents.

Rules: age from 10 years and weight from 40 to 130 kg, height from 150 cm

Underage visitors require the personal presence of parents or adults custodians.

Speed descent on a steel rope over the Zoo.

Zipline track schedule:

from 10:00 to 18:00 (in good weather).

Service break: from 13:00 to 13:30

Scooter rental

Ride around the largest zoo in the Northwest on an electric scooter.

Walking paths in the territory areprepared specially for your convenience

300 rub/hour

Walking around the water areа

A walk along the picturesque, sunny bay of Kirkkolahti, sheltered from the winds. Fresh air, ripplet on the water, beautiful landscapes – all this immediately lifts your spirits and fills you with energy.

Pedal boat (catamaran): 500 rub/hour

Pedal boat Comfort (catamaran): 3,000 rub/hour

“Buster” motor boat ride (up to 3 people): 5,000 rub/hour

“Silver Star Cabin” motor boat ride (up to 5 people): 7,000 rub/hour

“Silver” motor boat ride (up to 5 people): 6,000 rub/hour

Rowing boat rental: 400 rub/hour

Motor rubber boat rental: 1,500 rub/hour


Enjoy SUP-walks along the equipped coastline.

SUP-SURF (STAND-UP PADDLE SURFING) for one person – 1000 rub/hour, for two – 1500 rub/hour.

Photo session with animals (mini pig, baby goat, rabbits)

At the Karelian Zoo you can order a photo session with rabbits, mini pigs and baby goats. Make memories from communicating with the cutest animals. Price: 3500 rub.

And during an individual excursion at the Karelian Zoo you can take pictures with ponies, alpacas or lamas. The price is 500 rub/person for one enclosure.

The service is provided only when ordering an excursion accompanied by a guide. Photos to be taken by your cameras.