Silver fox – Карельский зоопарк

Silver fox

Class: Mammals

Order: Carnivores

Family: Canidae

Weight: Around 10 kg

Height: Around 40 cm

Body length: 72-95 cm

Coloration: Some foxes are covered entirely in thick black fur, with only the tip of the tail remaining white. There are also individuals with blue and brown shades of fur, having gray-ashy sides.

Age of sexual maturity: 9-11 months

Gestation period: 2 months

Lifespan: 10-12 years

Habitat: Canada, North America

Diet: Small rodents, hares, birds, insects

Did You Know?

  • Foxes are cunning, skilled, and excellent hunters. They can track a target for several hours. Traits such as natural endurance, resourcefulness, and persistence rarely leave the silver fox hungry.
  • Silver foxes have good night vision but cannot distinguish colors.
  • Their homes are long burrows with many entrance tunnels. Foxes dig them themselves or occupy abandoned homes of other animals.
  • Today, the majority of the silver fox population lives in captivity. In the wild, this unique and rare animal is almost impossible to encounter.