Peregrine Falcon – Карельский зоопарк

Peregrine Falcon

Class: Birds

Order: Falconiformes

Family: Falconidae

Weight: 910-1500 g

Height: approximately 35-40 cm

Body length: 34-50 cm

Color: The upper part of the body and wings are gray with dark stripes, and the wingtips are black.

Age of sexual maturity: 2-3 years

Gestation period: over a month

Lifespan: about 25 years

Habitat: Peregrine falcons inhabit extensive territories across all continents and many island territories, except Antarctica.

Diet: They prey on various small and medium-sized birds, rodents, small animals, or amphibians.

Did you know?

  • These birds have sharp notches on the tip of their beaks, which allow them to easily sever the cervical vertebrae of their prey.
  • In Atlanta, there is a nest of peregrine falcons on the balcony of a skyscraper located on the 50th floor. The falcon family lives there, and their life can be observed in real-time through a video camera installed by specialists nearby.
  • During World War II, peregrine falcons also suffered because they were hunted by the military. This was due to the military’s use of pigeons to transmit important messages, and peregrine falcons preyed on these pigeons.